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Le-Jacquard-Tea towel Chef pâtissier Ustensiles Macaron  24"x31"

Le-Jacquard-Tea towel Chef pâtissier Ustensiles Macaron 24"x31"

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Whipping, beating, spreading, unmolding, weighing ... so many tools to better pastry with pleasure.

Our products are woven from long, combed fibres: a guarantee of superior quality. The longest fibres produce a fabric that is soft to the touch, durable and perfectly smooth. The delicacy of the combed threads gives our patterns an unrivalled shine and precision.

It is essential that our customers have trust in our products. For this reason, Le Jacquard Français manufactures STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX-labelled products.
Created in 1992, this independent international label guarantees the limited and strictly controlled use of substances dangerous to health and the environment during the manufacture of textiles, at all stages of the process.

Le Jacquard Français applies a specific treatment to limit cotton shrinkage during washing. Our cotton remains stable over time and the products retain their size and shape, for your total satisfaction.